Custom Menu Items on Account Form

Customers quite often request ability to insert custom menu items on account form. InTouch CRM supports this feature since version 5.1.3. User with admin privileges can add menu items using following steps:

  1. Open page Settings | Advanced settings
  2. Choose Add preference from menu on the left. It will allow you to create a record in the internal application register of advanced settings.
  3. In the form field named Identifier enter a value that begins with menu.customer. (you can add any number or text after last dot).
  4. Type one or more lines in the field Value respecting formad described bellow and press Save and return button.

Format of Menu Item Definition

Definition of a menu item (Value field) can have at least one and max. five lines. Each line has specific meaning.

Menu Title
Icon URL (18x18 px preferred)
Item placement


Open Web Site

Use of definition from above will have the effect of showing a new menu item named Open Web Site with icon from address i/globe.jsp and clicking on the item will forward user to the page http://www.anneca.cz.... Notice that URL address can contain special replacement expressions (triple square brackets). They allow dynamic generation of the final URL address. In this case the parameter symbol is replaced with pairing symbol of currently opened account.

Last line newTop means that the new item will be inserted at the beginning of menu group named Add entry.


URL is relative or absolute web address and can contain replacement expressions for merging with form values. The most useful expressions are [[[email]]], [[[ico]]], [[[id]]] and [[[symbol]]] which replacements for e-mail, company number, CRM ID and pairing symbol (ID of the same account in external systém).

Menu Title

Menu title can be specified as a second line of the definition. It is recommended to use short title no more than 25 characters long.


You can use existing icon from InTouch CRM. Use relative URL in such case (e.g. i/globe.jsp is globe icon). If you plan to use your own icon design, place corresponding image file somewhere on your public web and use absolute URL format (e.g. http://www.yourcompany.com/images/robot.png). Dimension of all icons is 18x18 px.


You can provide link target on the fourth line of the definition. It is value of the standard attribute target of HTML link <a> and probably the most useful values are _blank (to open page in a new window) or _top (to open page in current window).

Item placement

On the last line of the definition can be one of the following reserved keywords which determine where will the item appear on the menu:

at the beginning of Add entry menu group
at the end of Add entry menu group
at the beginning of Tools menu group
at the end of Tools menu group
at the beginning of Outputs menu group
at the end of Outputs menu group

If the line is completely leaved out then the item will be placed in its own menu group named Advanced above all other menu groups.